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Politician's ignorance could derail Aussie carbon-trading plan

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Because a single Australian senator doesn’t understand how science is conducted, the country’s ambitious plan to cut industrial emissions is in jeopardy:

A senator crucial to Australia’s plans for carbon trading said on Wednesday he did not believe climate change was real, delivering what could be a fatal blow to government plans to slash industrial gas emissions.…Senator Steve Fielding said he had yet to see conclusive evidence of climate shift during days of closed-door government briefings.…

The wonderful thing about science, which is apparently beyond the grasp of Sen. Fielding, is that it doesn’t deal in conclusive evidence. It deals in the best available evidence, and continues looking for more evidence and contrary evidence, continually testing its conclusions.

I wonder what the senator thinks about evolution; does he need conclusive evidence for that too? Or is he, like thinking people everywhere, satisfied with a strong theory, overwhelming evidence in favor of it, and the lack of any logical alternative explanation?

Fielding probably has his home and car insured against a far less likely occurrence than a climactic shift in his lifetime with drastic results. I wonder what exactly is “pro-family,” as he is described in the article, about starvation, disease, war and refugees.

Australian senator rejects climate change evidence


Written by ptullis

June 24, 2009 at 12:41 pm

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