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My so-cialized life

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I don’t know what is these people’s issue with “socialized” medicine.

Last weekend I drove on a socialized highway to a socialized recreational area and went hiking in the socialized woods.

Last week, I rode socialized transportation to the local socialized book-lending institution. Afterward, my younger daughter (who, had I a lower income, would have been eligible for socialized pre-natal care when in utero) and I walked on a socialized concrete pathway to a socialized children’s play area.

We used to live in a house we bought with a loan that was backed by the socialized federal money-lender. We moved, and now my older daughter attends the neighborhood socialized educational institution.

The elderly, the poor, the military, government employees and veterans all receive “socialized” health care and report higher satisfaction rates than those in the private system. Other countries with government-funded health insurance report similarly, and have better health outcomes. Health care is already rationed, except now it’s done by corporations in the interest of their own profit margins, rather than by government employees acting in the public interest.

So, like, duh!

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