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The Group of 10's new health-care deal

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Last night I was having dinner with a Senate staffer when he got word on his BlackBerry that basically an entire year’s worth of work in the House and Senate had been scrapped, costing ten or more percentage points on the president’s approval rating and further polarization of the country that some had hoped would be reduced by the election of this president.

Walking to the subway later, the news had hit the NYT’s website (but not, oddly, its iPhone app).

So here it is, in a nutshell: Those age 55-64 can buy into Medicare. Everyone else can get the insurance plan federal employees get . If that plan doesn’t meet certain requirements–if it is not negotiated with private companies to the point that it hits certain benchmarks–a public plan kicks in.

Couldn’t they have arrived at this in February and saved everyone a lot of headaches?

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Written by ptullis

December 9, 2009 at 9:30 am

One Response

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  1. No kidding…months and months of extremely heated debate, mis-information, outright lies, etc., all to have the conclusion of this entire problem come down to expanding medicare?

    Couldn’t they have saved us all the trouble and just done this from the start?

    It doesn’t seem like the work put in over the past 8 months would lead us to this rousing and thought-provoking conclusion.

    Gotta love politics in this country.


    December 9, 2009 at 10:42 am

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